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Forty-six percent of LGBTQ workers say they are closeted at work.  They pay a high price for that. Here’s why:  even though LGBT employees are just as likely as straight employees to aspire to top-executive positions.  LGBT employees who ACTUALLY MAKE IT into senior management are much more likely to be out than closeted: 71 percent compared to 28 percent of their closeted counterparts. The numbers are clear! According to the Harvard Business Review “Being out makes all the difference to a career.” So, you may be asking yourself:

  • Should I come out at work? 
  • If I decide to come out at work, how should I do it?
  • Will they feel like I have been lying to them all this time?
  • How do I handle the uncomfortable questions?
  • How do I move forward in my career after I come out? 

Navigating corporate culture can be difficult for anyone, but LGBTQ+ individuals face a unique set of challenges in the workplace, often leaving them feeling misunderstood, alone, and without anywhere or anyone to turn to to help them navigate an ever-evolving experience of what it means to be LGBTQ+ in America’s corporate landscape. 

Fortunately, Dr. Fowlkes understands. Dr. Fowlkes (he/him) is an esteemed C-Suite executive, a transformational coach for LGBTQ+ C-Suite (and aspiring C-Suite) executives, a contributor to Forbes, and a keynote speaker for some of the largest most respected companies in the world.  Dr. Fowlkes works with members of the LGBTQ+ community to increase their confidence, identify their core values, outline their desired career trajectories, and develop their plan for accomplishing their career goals. 

And he does this all while remaining true and authentic to himself – despite the challenges of navigating an evolving, and often uncertain world as a transgender man. 

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