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Seeking a thought leader who sparks transformative change?

Dr. A.C. Fowlkes is a renowned speaker and LGBTQ+ inclusion expert who ignites audiences with his personal story and insightful expertise. He tailors his talks to your specific needs, whether you’re aiming to motivate employees, build inclusive teams, or foster creative thinking.

Dr. Fowlkes’ unique journey offers powerful lessons:

  • Overcoming adversity: He shares his experiences navigating homelessness, internalized homophobia, and systemic transphobia with resilience and hope.
  • Leadership through empathy: As a licensed clinical psychologist and LGBTQ+ advocate, he bridges understanding with compassion and expertise.
  • Inspiring innovation: He challenges perspectives and encourages creative approaches to building inclusive and thriving organizations.

Impactful and engaging, Dr. Fowlkes’ talks:

  • Captivate audiences: He connects with diverse groups through powerful storytelling and dynamic delivery.
  • Spark critical thinking: His insights inspire audiences to consider new perspectives and challenge biases.
  • Drive lasting change: His talks offer practical tools and strategies to create a more equitable and inclusive environment.

Ready to unlock your organization’s potential?

Dr. Fowlkes is a sought-after speaker, so check his availability and inquire about booking him for your next event:

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