Keynote Speaking



Are you looking for a phenomenal keynote speaker? Are you looking to motivate employees? Boost morale? Encourage creativity? Whatever the aim, we can tailor a keynote address to meet your needs. Dr. Fowlkes has mastered the art of storytelling and utilizes examples from his lived experience as a Black, transgender healthcare executive to drive home some of the most nuanced concepts. He has a harrowing life story of overcoming homelessness, internalized homophobia, and systemic transphobia to become who he is today. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, an LGBTQ+ sensitivity and transgender inclusion subject matter expert, a Forbes contributor, and a proud member of the Board of Directors for the Trevor Project. He has proven time and time again that he can capture the imagination of an audience, causing them to consider perspectives that were previously outside of reach. Dr. Fowlkes is inspirational and forward-thinking. His talks offer a lasting impact and serve as a catalyst for change on both the individual and the organizational level. Check his availability for your keynote here: Keynote Availability