Robert Robinson

Fowlkes Associate Robert S. Robinson is certified as a National Facilitator for several organizations and holds a Master of Arts in Communication and a Master of Education Certificate, plus an L-7 Systems Leadership Certificate from the Georgia Department of Education.  Robert facilitates and consults for leading companies such as Piedmont Healthcare System, IBM, Merck, Kellogg, ATT, Lucent Technologies, Monsanto/Solutia, the US Postal Service, Alabama Power, The Tennessee Valley Authority, and The Cobb County School System. Robert has been an anchor manager for both the Laura Bush Library Grant and an English as a Second Language Federal Title III Grant of $351,000.00. Robert has presented to the School Assistance Professionals Association, Southern Association for Employment in Education, and has served on SACS and GAPSS review teams.   Robert has led workshops concentrating on racism, generationalism, sexism and heterosexism, work climate, invitational leadership, and conflict resolution.  Robert has also been published and featured in Civil Engineering News Magazine regarding “Diversity and Your Firm’s Bottom Line” and in the ACIS Educational Travel Journal. He has also had three film and theater reviews published in The New York Times online.  Robert was selected as a Coca-Cola Centennial Olympic Wall semi-finalist honoring top Atlantans and their commitment to diversity. His travels abroad coupled with a keen interest in Diversity and Organizational Development further his continued studies in globalism and cross-cultural communications.  Robert was the Programs Specialist for the International Welcome Center and trainer for the Cobb County School System.  Robert facilitated workshops and trained a pool of 16,000 educators in educational strategies, diversity, and cross-cultural communications for the 94 languages served in CCSD.