Who We Are

Fowlkes Consulting is a global LGBTQ+ sensitivity and inclusion firm with a proven track record of effecting change in corporations, organizations and government agencies. We specialize in the facilitation of experiential training and workshops, filling the gap where your company might not have policies in place regarding sensitivity to and the inclusion of both gender and sexual minorities. 

We believe that learning is enhanced when the content provided resonates not just cerebrally, but viscerally.  We must both know and feel if we are to be moved to make lasting changes. In addition to in-person training, Fowlkes Consulting provides select e-courses, bringing flexibility to the learning process for those unable to attend in-person.


Fowlkes Consulting also provides bespoke consultation services for corporations, organizations and government agencies which would benefit from a tailored experience. Whether it be facilitating a small group experiential activity at a retreat for C-Suite Executives or providing mandatory “all-staff” training for thousands of employees, Fowlkes Consulting can work with you to cater to your specific needs.