Executive Leadership Team Training

At Fowlkes Consulting we know that systemic change requires that you get the “buy-in” of the people at the top

Organizational change requires collaboration at the highest levels. Multiple people must “catch the vision” for lasting change to occur.  All too often companies send one employee to a workshop or training event and hope that individual will return to the organization and somehow teach everyone what they learned and oversee the implementation. 

If a single employee could accomplish that it would be impressive, it is more often the case that a person returns to their organization inspired and motivated but unable to translate that into meaningful change. And why is that? The answer is simple: Change is not a one-person job. At Fowlkes Consulting we understand this challenge, and we are excited to offer Executive Leadership Team Training as a solution to this problem!

If there is a specific workshop or training that we offer that you would like your C-Suite Executives to receive, we will come on-site and train your Executive Leadership Team. This on-site option allows every member of your leadership to obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to collaborate in a meaningful way and create the lasting change that you seek. In addition to being able to make any of our existing offerings into an Executive Leadership Team Training, we are also available to create custom training for your leadership team.